Let’s Develop Podcast! 002: Raquell Holmes PhD – Science as a Human Activity


Imagine a scientist. What do you see? Probably a male. Gruff. Socially recluse? Reading, writing. Maybe lecturing at people. God forbid they ever laugh, right? Why though? Raquell Holmes, PhD, cell biologist, founder of improvscience, offers a radical alternative: the practice of a collaborative science through performance and play. A world where science contributes to social wellbeing. What is science? We chat about that stuff too, a bit (don’t worry). Prepare your mind and soul, folks, this one’s a joyride.

Topics of Interest:

  • Best hopes for the conversation? [2:42]
  • #CAKE? [4:45]
  • Social Therapy [10:25]
  • Science? [12:40]
  • Scientism. [13:36]
  • Why did you choose science as a career? [19:55]
  • Raquell’s career reflections [22:22]
  • High performance computation and computer sciences! And biology? [25:33]
  • Bioinformatics [28:49]
  • Epigenetics? [32:34]
  • Epistemological violence [39:26]
  • Fred Newman (co-founder of Social Therapeutics) [41:53]
  • Whence did science, play, improvisation, and performance meet? [47:51]
  • improvscience – a story [53:57]
  • Scientists playing together? [1:01:30] 
  • Impact of improv and performance on scientists! [1:05:40]
  • Vision for the ideal form of science [1:07:32]
  • Science and emotion? [1:12:56]
  • Who are you becoming? [01:26:33]
  • Art’s conflicted love of science? [1:29:11]

People and Organizations Mentioned:

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