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Thank you for being so open, genuine, and vulnerable. It's very inspiring and grounding. Your excitement is contagious! I love the question you pose to the listeners at the end. It really engages the listener and makes them want to come back to podcast to reflect more on their development.
A great balance of authenticity and fun! Engaging, thought provoking, playful - all the good things!
Great over arching and stimulating stuff here. Youve got a follower.
Thrilling! I can't decide what's more thrilling, seeing this thrilled man on a cover maintaining his poise despite being so eager to tackle global challenges, reading the understated description full of grand ambitions, or listening to the relaxing voice talk about ...[I won't spoil it for you].This fargoing endeavour will tickle the pleats of social responsibility which have been tucked under the choking belt of routine atittudes for too long.
Ian Galt

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