LDP! 012: Dr. Josiah Zayner: Self and Society (The Anti-Interview)

Biohacker, founder, molecular biophysicist, former NASA scientist. Dr. Josiah Zayner has worn many hats. Having been there and done that, Josiah invited us to try something different: an anti-interview. Something emergent, playful, different. And so, in this episode, we create dialogue around our selves and society. Join us!

Who is Josiah Zayner, PhD?


  • On being reached out to. [2:30]
  • Unique and interesting people. [3:00]
  • Best hope for our conversation. [4:25]
  • Why did Art start the podcast? [8:10]
  • Entering into the unknown. [13:40]
  • Josiah’s recent journey with the unknown. [15:00]
  • On being a good thinker. [20:50]
  • Thinkers versus doers? [25:00]
  • On marketing. [26:55]
  • Social media? [37:15]
  • On selling. [43:00]
  • Being and performing in society. [48:25]
  • Trying things out: Being more social. [1:05:15]
  • Love and be loved. [1:12:15]
  • Who are you becoming – Josiah. [1:14:40]
  • Who are you becoming – Art. [1:16:15]

Of Note:

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