LDP 004: Tony Perone: Co-Creating Life-Span, Imaginative, Mindful Play

Tony Perone is playful. Like, really playful. He brought play into academia. No easy task! His invitation is for us to use play and theatre to create environments for learning, development, and community. Wowwie! We also explore mindfulness meditation, identity, and “new-ness.” Join us!

Topics of Interest:

  • What’s your hope for this conversation? [1:48]
  • What do you do? [4:45]
  • What’s your story? [6:20]
  • Why was theatre and improv important to you? [8:19]
  • Connection between communication and community building. [12:22]
  • Experiences with acting classes. [16:18]
  • Connections between acting and language learning? [17:17]
  • How do participants respond to your approach? [21:19]
  • Identity and curiosity. [30:18]
  • What is Imaginative Play? [42:03]
  • Mindfulness and contemplative practices from a community lens. [1:03:17]
  • What is your call to action? What or who motivates you to keep performing this way? [1:08:18]
  • What is alienation? [1:12:25]
  • State vs. trait? [1:17:07]
  • Meditation. [1:22:23]
  • How can people do performative things in their daily lives? [1:26:41]
  • Social performances. [1:36:34]
  • What’s important about “new-ness”? [1:39:39]
  • Discipline and the process of development? [1:44:52]
  • Identity and essence. [1:50:23]
  • Who are you becoming? [2:06:00]
  • What are you up to these days? [2:11:01]

People and Organizations Mentioned:

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