LDP 001: Pilot

Every story has a beginning. This is ours. Chris Reyman (Producer) and Art Assoiants (Host) explore the creation of the Let’s Develop Podcast! together, unearthing our motivations, hopes, and desired impact. While Chris will mostly focus on the back-end work (connecting with interviewees, masterfully mastering the edits, etc.), Art’s voice will continue will you on the LDP journey.

Topics of Interest:

  • Why are you interested in creating this podcast? [1:47]¬†
  • What kind of impact do you hope this podcast will make? [2:41]
  • To Art: What is your inspiration for wanting to develop this podcast? [3:29]
  • To Art: What are you most excited about interviewing these people around the world? [4:44]
  • Who are you becoming? [5:55]

People and Organizations Mentioned:


Art Assoiants: Welcome all to Let’s Develop. In this podcast we’ll explore how to transform both ourselves and the world around us through the art and science of performance and development. My name’s Art Assoiants and I have been described by my friend Hugh as brilliantly disquisitive. So in this podcast really it was born out of the work of the people affiliated with the East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy in New York City. The idea for this podcast came from a conversation with the Institute’s Associates, which is a group of folks who have been working and studying with the East Side Institute. Check out eastsideinstitute.org to learn more if you wish.

Chris Reyman: Hi, my name is Chris Reyman and I’m going to be one of the producers of this podcast. And in the spirit of the work done by East side Institute, we’re going to be doing this without knowing what we’re doing. And we’re going to be learning how to make a podcast while we’re actually making it. So what are we going to be doing in these episodes. We’re going to be interviewing people that are doing amazing work around the world, working towards transforming the world through a developmental approach to social change.

Art Assoiants: And so we thought for this pilot we would just talk to each other and to share with you where we both come from and why we’re doing this. Chris and I have known each other for a few years now. I love Chris dearly. He will be acting as producer for this podcast. And so my question for you is, why are you interested in being involved in creating this podcast

Chris Reyman: Well, the main reason I’m interested in doing this, like most of the endeavors in my life is I’m really just interested in creating something new. I do have a background in music and audio production and I think those skills are useful in producing this podcast. And, you know, I’m most interested in just putting things together, you know, figuring out how to, how to create this thing and put it out there. You know, I’ve, I listened to a lot of podcasts and I really enjoy them and I think they’re a great way to, to impact a wide range of people.

Art Assoiants: And so that’s, that’s beautiful cause you, well you didn’t read my mind, you read the question that we had prepared together, but what what kind of impact do you hope that this podcast will make?

Chris Reyman: Well, you know, I’m really hoping that this is going to be a way to help connect people around the world that are interested in changing the world. And you know, in addition to that, I hope that this podcast can reach out and inspire people beyond that. People that may not already be actively engaged in any social change movement or might not think of themselves as an activist at all. So, Art is going to be hosting this podcast. I thought that I would ask him a few questions now since the regular format will be him interviewing other people around the world. So Art, what is your inspiration for wanting to develop and host this podcast?

Art Assoiants: Well, there’s many. I think primarily I am very influenced by the people around me and it’s important for me to be around the kinds of people who inspire me. And to be privileged enough to have conversations with folks who are enacting real, tangible, participatory transformations in the world is a way to fuel me. Doing this podcast is a way of allowing my curiosities to be shared with others. It’s tapping into something really, I think, human: the desire to invite others into making a difference. I mean, I can talk for hours about why this is important for me, but really it’s just hanging out with amazing people and sharing these conversations with others.

Chris Reyman: Yeah, that’s great. You know, so you’re going to be interviewing people that are doing amazing work around the world and yeah. What, what are you most excited about in interviewing these people?

Art Assoiants: Well, I think it’s sharing these conversations with others. It’s creating dialogue, right? Because deepest and most sincere hope is that these aren’t lost. We can stir up conversations that inspire others to share some other things that come out with their friends, with their colleagues, with their peers, and to, you know I want to see, create a movement. But, you know, there’s already a lot of movements out there and we’re simply a drop in the ocean, it’s to be part of those movements. It’s to participate in that.

Chris Reyman: Yeah. And I might add to celebrate those movements, I think is something that we might be doing also.

Art Assoiants: Absolutely. So, we thought a good concluding question for this podcast, in which nothing really is set in stone, but for now is is the following. Chris, I’ll ask you this and maybe you can ask me after as well. Who are you becoming?

Chris Reyman: That’s a tough question. I think, you know, something that is sort of a pertinent in my life is becoming someone that that can really marry a lot of aspects of my life that I’m interested in and haven’t always found a way to completely integrate. So my artistic practices, my interest in, in meditation and spirituality and my interest in, in social therapeutics and performance activism and a lot of the work that’s being done at East Side Institute. Working on this podcast is a great example of how I’m merging a lot of those interests into one activity.

Art Assoiants: Well, it’s cool how this podcast is a reflection of your becoming, hey?

Chris Reyman: Yeah, exactly. Okay, so are you ready Art?

Art Assoiants: I don’t know. This is a hard question. But it’s good that you and I get to feel that out before we, you know, ask other people. Who am I becoming? At this point who I’m becoming as someone who is honing in on the kinds of contributions that I can make in this world, is becoming more focused and I want to use the word disciplined in how I go about that. I’m just finishing up my master’s right now, you know, shifting into a career. And I think that in this season of life, I’m really becoming a person who is more refined and a person who is more grounded and rooted and really just figuring out, who is this Art in the broader sense of being in the world? And how can he work with others to create the best life possible to create a life of thriving? I think that’s where I’m at right now.

Chris Reyman: Wonderful. I think the beauty of asking a question like that is, you know, I was just thinking, “man, this is something that, that you know, we should ask ourselves every week or every day.” And there are groups of people that do that, you know, social therapy groups where I think that people do that on a regular basis. And so I, yeah, you should we should revisit this conversation in the future.

Art Assoiants: Absolutely. Yeah. We could do a redux for sure. Well yeah, Chris, I mean, I look forward to, to hanging out with you more doing this work with you, chatting with people. Is there any other way that you want to finish off this first pilot?

Chris Reyman: No, I think did the idea of asking our listeners to ponder that question themselves, who are are you all becoming?

Art Assoiants: I like that. Thank you. Thank you, Chris. And thank you everybody for listening. We look forward to to getting this off the ground.

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