LDP 13: Patrick Hilario: Philosophy, Education, & Financial Literacy

Patrick J. Hilario is a philosopher, educator, and financial literacy author. This broad conversation takes us into his story and process of excellence.

Who is Patrick J. Hilario?

Topics of Interest:

  • Patrick’s best hope for the conversation [2:43]
  • Why philosophy? [4:35]
  • What is existentialism? [8:30]
  • On becoming a teacher [10:10]
  • Philosophy of science [11:30]
  • What does it look like to do philosophy? [12:25]
  • How can one learn about philosophy outside of university? [16:25]
  • Other approaches to thinking and practicing [19:50]
  • Nerding down/ What is the practice of philosophy? [22:35]
  • Patrick’s writing & on being [24:40]
  • Philosophical bridge between the East and West [26:26]
  • Why and how to write a book? [28:35]
  • Patrick’s journey into financial literacy [36:45]
  • Key learnings about writing and publishing [44:30]
  • Laser focus [49:30]
  • Who are you becoming? [54:50]

Of Note:

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