LDP! 005: Mogens Larsen Stenderup – Development in Groups

We travel to Denmark to speak with Mogens Stenderup, a visual artist and professor of social work. What’s the value of development in groups and how can we leverage them for our growth? That’s the name of the game. Join us!

Topics of Interest:

  • Getting to know Mogens. [00:50]
  • Where does Mogens teach? [03:50]
  • Students becoming social workers. [06:31]
  • Values and professional practice? [07:13]
  • Transparency? [08:13]
  • Introducing students to groups. [11:15]
  • Biggest sources of inspiration. [13:44]
  • What is this conversation? [15:55]
  • Making with all that is. [17:01]
  • What is the inherent value in being playful? [18:02]
  • Integrity, courage, and group therapy. [25:41]
  • What is the role of an individual in a group? [35:25]
  • What message would you give in developing a group? [36:57]
  • Take-home for listeners. [43:54]
  • What would you call this way of life? [45:59]
  • Who are you becoming? [49:16]
  • Where can people find you? [51:27]

People and Organizations Mentioned:

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