LDP! 010: Julien Lepage: It’s Not About Drumming: Community, Spirit, and Healing

Julien Lepage is a social worker and drum circle facilitator in Calgary, Alberta. Julien fused his passion as a musician with the inner drive to help people heal through building community. He shares with us how he found his tool for social change: the drum. Using the drum, he invites people of all kinds to unify through rhythm, without the need for words. Julien also offers us his thoughts on spirituality and how that features in drum facilitation and healing. Join us!


  • About Julien Lepage. [3:15]
  • Why music? [6:27]
  • Why social work? [10:50]
  • On community drum circles. [16:15]
  • Rhythm: Connection, the body, and research. [19:25]
  • Healing and drumming. [25:30]
  • Drumming: Meditation, spirituality, and connection. [31:40]
  • Drum circles in healthcare. [38:27]
  • Facilitating drum circles. [55:25]
  • It’s not about drumming. [1:02:45]
  • Who are you becoming? [1:04:18]

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