LDP! 009: Barbara Silverman & Susan Massad: Health Teams and Wellbeing

Barbara Silverman, MSW and Susan Massad, MD join us to discuss and explore social approaches to health and illness. One can’t deny the physical nature of illness. At the same time, we’re social beings. Our health and illness is something we experience, relate to, and share with others. Barbara and Susan invite us to consider how we might do health together, using a social tool called health teams. Join us!


  • Barbara Silverman tells us about herself. [1:50]
  • Susan Massad does the same. [4:45]
  • When did Barbara and Susan meet? [8:07]
  • What’s a health team? [13:36]
  • Chronic or serious illnesses and health teams. [15:00]
  • What’s challenging about health teams? [17:40]
  • What’s common across health teams? [20:00]
  • The fraught interface of healthcare: People aren’t listened to. [21:55]
  • What are examples of performances for getting health? [23:10]
  • Art Assoiants’s experience with health teams. [24:50]
  • Impact of health teams for the individuals and participants involved. [31:15]
  • Health as a social activity. [34:25]
  • Conversation on methods of health teams and healthcare. [36:33]
  • How to get started creating health teams. [39:10]
  • On asking for help. [44:30]
  • Health teams simplified. [50:57]
  • Critiques to health teams: Taking away people’s autonomy. [53:42]
  • Health teams as creating optimal states of being. [58:08]
  • Who are you becoming? [1:00:09]

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