Let’s Develop Podcast! 001: Pilot


Every story has a beginning. This is ours. Chris Reyman (Producer) and Art Assoiants (Host) explore the creation of the Let’s Develop Podcast! together, unearthing our motivations, hopes, and desired impact. While Chris will mostly focus on the back-end work (connecting with interviewees, masterfully mastering the edits, etc.), Art’s voice will continue will you on the LDP journey.

Topics of Interest:

  • Why are you interested in creating this podcast? [1:47] 
  • What kind of impact do you hope this podcast will make? [2:41]
  • To Art: What is your inspiration for wanting to develop this podcast? [3:29]
  • To Art: What are you most excited about interviewing these people around the world? [4:44]
  • Who are you becoming? [5:55]

People and Organizations Mentioned:

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