LDP! 008: Mark Hopkins: Theater, Leadership, and a Better Future

Mark Hopkins is a Calgary native. He has a background in writing, but later chose to pursue theater. He’s insatiably curious about all things human and non-human. An avid reader, Mark explores ways through which theater can intersect with leadership to provide creative, disruptive means forward for humanity. This conversation goes in all directions, from epistemology (not as scary as it sounds) to snowflakes (lol what?). We also throw in some Alberta necessities: Energy Futures and such. Join us in this episode as we explore, how can we create a better world? 


  • Calgary banter. [2:00]
  • Mark Hopkins, everybody! [4:06]
  • Energy Futures Lab: Who, what. [5:00]
  • Why an Energy Futures Lab in Alberta? [7:30]
  • Theater, stories, and parties. [9:56]
  • From theatre to leadership. [14:32]
  • Mark’s trip to India. [18:26]
  • Human Venture Leadership: A primer. [26:35]
  • “Should I even be an artist?” [33:15]
  • What drives Mark? [36.13]
  • Human Venture, meta-framing. [39:37]
  • Design thinking & mapping. [46:30]
  • Snowflakes, epistemology, and the kilogram. [48:40]
  • Creating a better world. [56:17]
  • Who are you becoming? [1:02:00]
  • Where can people find out more? [1:03:50]

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