LDP! 007: Nicola Pauling: Theatre, Community, and Facilitation

We’re joined by Nicola Pauling from Wellington, New Zealand. Nicola has a passion for bringing theatre to communities, allowing people to express themselves, while discovering and creating new stories for life. We also share some discussion about the art of facilitation, which many in social development can benefit from refining. Join us!


  • Introduction and projects. [1:49]
  • Theatre and self-development. [5:17]
  • Deep fun and playing in theatre. [7:17]
  • Voice Arts Trust. [9:19]
  • What is the intention and the hope of the work? [11:35]
  • What is the impact? [13:04]
  • What have you seen happen with the people you work with and how are they impacted? [14:37]
  • What is important in this Voice Arts work. [17:31]
  • What is an example of an experiential/improvisational game? [20:31]
  • Workshops for the sake of workshops. [23:13]
  • Facilitator’s transition between weirdness/ discomfort to “I’m doing it.” [25:22]
  • How to ensure energy and enthusiasm? [30:42]
  • Voice Arts Trust projects and outcomes. [36:19]
  • Talk on other projects. [44:44]
  • How does someone make a difference in the world? [52:35]
  • Bumper sticker message. [55:08]
  • Who are you becoming? [56:20]
  • Where can people find you? [58:28]

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