LDP 015: James Whittaker: Career Acceleration & the Hidden Job Market

James Whittaker, founder of Dream Career Lab, is a former partner-track senior manager from Deloitte who now specializes in helping people get hired into top positions at professional firms such as PwC, Accenture, Amazon, Citibank and more. To date he’s helped over 400 people achieve their dreams of working at the world’s top companies. His focus is on bypassing the “traditional” online application process and helping people access the hidden job market. How? Through building human relationships and proving your value. 

Who is James Whittaker?

Topics of Interest:

  • James’s best hope for the interview [02:43]
  • What is the heart of consulting [04:00]
  • Why hire a consultant [05:30]
  • James’s entry into Deloitte and consulting [07:18]
  • Pivot into entrepreneurship [11:00]
  • “Anti-career coaching” [14:17]
  • How recruitment is flawed [16:54]
  • How to bypass the traditional process [19:47]
  • Winners & losers: What would good recruiting look like? [21:22]
  • The hidden job market [27:18]
  • Building human relationships [29:08]
  • How to speak with leaders when you feel inferior [33:14]
  • Role inflation and the myth of experience [39:51]
  • Proving your value [45:31]
  • The only rule in recruitment [50:59]
  • The future of the industry [53:50]
  • Who is James becoming [59:57]

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