LDP 014: Cameron Norman: Service Design & Systems Thinking

Cameron Norman helps people to innovate. He works with organizations like non-profits, governments, and healthcare to create, implement, and evaluate new ideas, products, and services into the world. Trained as both as a psychologist and a professional designer, Cameron brings both a creative and scientific approach to addressing complex problems in his role as the Principal and President of Cense Ltd, a Toronto-based consultancy studio. He’s also part of the Faculty of Design at OCAD University where he teaches graduate courses on design and health and serves as an adjunct professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto. 

Topics of Interest:

  • Who is Cameron Norman? [0:50]
  • Coffee factoid. [2:01]
  • Cameron’s best hope for the conversation. [2:45]
  • On teaching. [3:36]
  • Consulting, innovation, and evaluation [4:09]
  • Programs versus services? [6:54]
  • What is service design? [8:30]
  • Healthcare and service design. [11:47]
  • Complexity, systems, and practice. [18:32]
  • Cameron’s story. [22:21]
  • On creative problem solving. [30:25]
  • Creative problem solving in groups. [34:07]
  • Systems thinking & Art’s first job. [37:10]
  • Evaluation and perspectives. [39:23]
  • On diversity. [42:17]
  • Complexity, systems thinking, and service design. [44:45]
  • Book recommendations. [47:17]
  • Human-centred? User-centred? [49:00]
  • The dark side of empathy. [51:20]
  • Who is Cameron Norman becoming? [54:43]

Of Note:

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