What is this podcast all about?

Our mission is to inspire social change.

Our promise is to consistently provide an inspiring, high quality podcast experience around people’s stories about and tools for social change.

Let’s get granular.

The Let’s Develop Podcast is a platform for exploring and acting on the social aspect of human behavior. We see change as a social process, and so, social change is the name of the game. Whether you’re wanting to take up leadership in a big organization, create community locally, or just engage in some self improvement, you’re always tapping into your social nature.

The social change definition is shifting how we work, play, think, and live together. Examples of social change include anything from doing relationships differently, relating to yourself in new ways, and responding to the world around you (and its stressors) with more grace and creativity. We help you by proving social stories from leaders in health, community organizing, business, and other industries so that you can begin to hack your own human development.

Some have described the Let’s Develop Podcast as a mental health podcast, a psychology podcast, a science podcast, philosophy podcast, or one of the fine self improvement podcasts. Why? Because we go broad. We believe there is something common across various disciplines, industries, and practices in terms of social change. And by beginning to talk with and learn from one another, we create more robust (or antifragile) individuals, communities, and societies.

Through sharing the social stories our guests and we create, we bring help you refine your awareness, develop insights about, and take action on your own next steps in your journey of human development. We wish for you to tap into your own social nature as you join with others to create a world more suited for humans, one where people thrive while tending to our land and ecology. Without human development, we would not have any examples of social change. Social change requires that we act a head taller than ourselves and learn from others, always pushing the threshold of who we think we are with certainty. The Let’s Develop Podcast in unique in the world of self improvement podcasts because we shift away from the individual towards our social nature.

Let’s dive a bit deeper: every idea we have, every book we read, and every action we take is rooted deeply in our social reality. We internalize others’ ideas, and we filter the world through the discourses around us, big and small. Even the idea that we need to shed the “shackles of society” comes from within… society. Play with the irony! By becoming aware of our social nature, we can forgive ourselves for our individual misgivings and see ourselves as part of the broader story, tapping into our social nature. We are but one of the social stories, and we share it with everyone around us. By expanding the audience of stories of people who practically engage in various forms of social change, we equip you with the tools, resources, and community you need to become both the best version of yourself and a leader in creating the world of tomorrow. For you, your friends, your family, your community, and your society all wish for you to thrive so that we can all elevate one another.

What we do is provide you with the avenues and tools to refine your development process so that you can accelerate the rate at which you transform yourself and others. Every time you transform yourself, you also transform those around you, and every time you transform the world around you, you yourself are also changed. That is the social nature of change. 

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Art Assoiants: Co-Founder | Host 

Art Assoiants (a-SOY-ants) is a scientist-practitioner in applied psychology. He is at the tail end of an MSc in Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary. He has a broad set of skills and interests, always looking for new ways to cocreate social impact. Art has enjoyed working and learning from his experiences in front-line mental health, program evaluation, and service design. Outside of work, Art enjoys exploring and applying the emerging field of biohacking.  Art currently lives in Calgary with his partner Brittany and cat Zelda.






Chris Reyman: Co-Founder | Executive Producer | Audio Wizard

Chris is an improvising pianist that performs in jazz and experimental ensembles. He also composes music for chamber ensembles, dance, film and media. He is an Assistant Professor of music at the University of Texas at El Paso where he works with students on creative music practices through performance, composition, and collaborative music making. Chris is the co-founder and Assistant Director of the Institute for Improvisation and Social Action (ImprovISA), an organization that uses performance and improvisation to empower communities.

Kate Day: Audio Nerd | Producer | Theatre of the Mind Creator

She’s more than just a mom, she’s a mom who tells stories in fun ways. Kate has been interested in working in radio since she was a tiny human! She worked her way through the ranks and became an award winning producer for radio stations across Canada before moving into new ventures including freelance production and voice work. Other than playing with sound for fun, she enjoys playing with dough to make delicious treats or knitting random things